在一般情况下, 汽油是许多成分的复杂混合物, 称为碳氢化合物, 哪些是从原油中提炼出来的. These hydrocarbons are blended together to produce a fuel that’s used to power spark ignition, 内燃机. 混合这些碳氢化合物的配方因炼油厂而异. 完成了汽油, 然而, are required to meet certain specifications as defined by federal and state regulations and ASTM International.

前身为美国测试与材料协会, ASTM is one of the largest voluntary standards developing organizations in the world. 志愿者成员代表生产者, 用户, 消费者, 政府, 来自140多个国家的学术界. 他们制定技术文件,这些文件是制造的基础, 管理, 采购, 包括石油燃料在内的几十个行业的法规.

It means that our gasoline complies with rigorous standards developed through an independent industry organization whose focus is to ensure that products achieve what they are designed to do. Some of the best technical minds in the industry participate in ASTM International and influence the way that products are defined as fit for purpose.

为你的车, 意味着汽油符合ASTM国际标准, 比如CITGO TriCLEAN汽油, 应该为您的运输需求提供可靠的服务吗. Gasoline that does not meet the ASTM standard could result in unsatisfactory performance.

CITGO拥有并经营大容量存储设施, 也被称为终端, 在运输到加油站之前接收和储存燃料. 在这些citgo控制的终端, 有正在进行的和已建立的程序,旨在监测产品质量. 例如, our routine oversight includes checking fuels prior to distribution to gasoline stations to determine whether the fuel has changed in transit, 可能会使它“不适合”或“不合适”.“任何不符合测试标准的燃料都被隔离在测试的系统内. 进一步保证产品质量, samples of the products in storage are routinely collected and sent to the CITGO quality monitoring laboratory for testing and verification for compliance to standards. These test results are reviewed by fuels technical specialists who discontinue distribution of any product that does not comply with CITGO standards.

除了终端, CITGO has established programs to monitor product quality at all of our branded gasoline locations. The test results are reviewed by fuels technical specialists for compliance with applicable specifications. 如果汽油不符合规定, CITGO instructs the gasoline distributor to discontinue distribution of the fuel and take corrective action.

Gasoline containing ethanol in concentrations up to 10 percent has been determined by auto manufacturers to be a satisfactory fuel for most late model vehicles. CITGO建议, 然而, that you consult your owner’s manual before using ethanol-blended fuel to ensure that your equipment is compatible with this type of fuel. 此外, vehicles operating on gasoline containing ethanol may experience a decrease in fuel economy due to the lower energy content of ethanol.

CITGO is a recognized leader for our efforts in ensuring the quality of ethanol used for blending with gasoline. CITGO通过对质量的持续关注而赢得了这一角色, 因此, successfully led ASTM International to develop a new ethanol specification limit that ultimately provides additional protection for 消费者. 随后, CITGO received an award from ASTM International for successfully moving this issue to completion. 除了, General Motors recognized CITGO for our commitment to quality fuels and the motoring public. 这不是每天都会发生的! 这反映了测试对你们的承诺.

抗爆指数, 通常被称为辛烷, 是汽油抗预燃能力的衡量标准吗, 或发动机爆震. 零售加油站张贴的反爆指数, 比如87辛烷值, is the result of a formula which most closely depicts the average resistivity of the gasoline to engine knock. This average is displayed on the gasoline pump with a sticker showing (R+M)/2 Method.

研究辛烷值, 或者方程中的R, is a measure of the gasoline’s ability to resist knock at low speed under relatively mild operating conditions, 如城市型驾驶. 发动机辛烷值, 或者方程中的M, is a measure of the gasoline’s ability to resist knock at high speeds and under severe operating conditions, 比如拖船或爬陡峭的山. The average of these two numbers defines how well the gasoline will resist engine knock under most conditions.

发动机敲击声是一种尖锐的金属声, 有时也被称为引擎撞击声或脉冲声, 这是由于燃料在气缸中被压缩时提前点火造成的, 正常火花塞点火前的几毫秒. 这种情况通常发生在加速过程中, 比如并入高速公路交通, 或在重载条件下, 比如拉一艘船或旅行拖车. 在冲击条件下, a vehicle will experience a reduction in power output as well as reduced fuel economy.

有几个因素可以导致或导致发动机爆震. 这些因素包括室外极端温度, 高度, 湿度, 在重型发动机负载下工作, 例程调整之间的时间间隔, 汽车时代, 以及制造和工程公差. 发动机爆震最常见的原因是发动机调校不当, 在哪里发动机正时已经偏离了制造商的设计规格. 通过适当的日常维护和调试,这个问题很容易解决.

随着汽车发动机的老化,防止爆震所需的辛烷值可能会增加. 这种情况被称为辛烷值增加, 或者让, 是正常发动机磨损的结果. 在你偶尔或适度敲门的情况下, your first line of defense is to try a higher octane gasoline to accommodate this Octane Requirement Increase of your engine. 严重的敲门, 使用更高辛烷值的汽油是无法补救的, 需要你授权的机修工的注意.

未添加的汽油会在今天的燃料系统中留下有害的沉积物, 哪些是技术先进且对此类矿藏高度敏感的. 随着时间的推移, 随着这些存款的积累, 汽车可能会出现诸如犹豫等驾驶问题, 损失的权力, 可怜的加速度, 粗暴怠速甚至失速. CITGO’s gasoline detergent additive is formulated to help maintain your car’s engine at peak performance by preventing deposits from forming in critical areas.

是的. 测试的添加剂的好处提供给测试所有的客户, 无论您选择的辛烷值等级.

Reformulated gasoline (RFG) is gasoline blended to burn more cleanly than conventional gasoline and to reduce smog-forming and toxic pollutants in the air we breathe. RFG项目是国会在1990年《测试》修正案中授权的. The first phase of the RFG program began in 1995 and the second (current) phase began in 2000.

在雾霾严重的城市,RFG是必需的,在其他地方是可选的. RFG目前在17个州和哥伦比亚特区使用. 大约30%的汽油在美国销售.S. 是新配方.

The air quality benefits RFG has achieved represent a significant part of the country's smog reduction strategy. RFG程序, combined with other industrial and transportation controls aimed at smog reduction, 是造成美国经济长期下滑的原因之一.S. 烟雾水平. 大约有7500万人因为RFG呼吸到更清洁的空气.

是的. In fact, all automobile manufacturers have approved Reformulated Gasoline for use in their vehicles.

Your gas mileage is more affected by driving habits and vehicle maintenance than from the use of RFG. You can expect similar fuel economies from both RFG and conventional gasoline grades blended with similar amounts of ethanol.

您的第一个参考应该是车辆的车主手册. 每个汽车制造商包括, 在业主手册中, 车辆正常运行时建议的最小辛烷值. 作为一般的经验法则, 然而, 使用辛烷值等级,防止您的发动机敲或ping. CITGO提供三种不同辛烷值等级的汽油, 与CITGO专有的高性能洗涤剂添加剂, 以满足各种车辆的需求和操作条件.

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